Pomegranate Wine

Pomegranate wine with fresh squeezed fruit ferments into a velvety mix that really hugs to the tongue for savoring.


You could use store bought pomegranate juice( often from concentrate ), but that will be be bland in comparison and less complex in taste.

Ingredients and Equipment

Item Suggestions & Affiliate Links
1 Thermometer
ThermoPro TP30 Thermometer Temperature Adjustable
Use touchless thermometer to minimize chance of contamination.
2 Cooking pots
Instant Pot Ultimate Pressure Dehydrate
Finer temperature timing control with large batch with 8 Qt Instant Pot Pro.
1 Juice Press
Rated Zulay Commercial Orange Squeezer
Zulay Heavy Duty Juicer makes for quick processing.
1 Juicer Electric
Tribest Slowstar Vertical Masticating Extractor
Tribest Slowstar for greater yield and tea-able pulp.
1 Speidel 20L Fermenter
Speidel Plastic Fermenter 20L 5 3

Use a container with a spigot to monitor taste without opening.

1 Beverage Dispenser
CreativeWare 2 5 Gallon Bark Beverage Dispenser
Alternate container space for separating brew.
1 Funnel optional
2 1 Gallon bottles optional

Clean Everything!!

After assembling all equipment and ingredient. Inspect and ensure everything has been cleaned , washed thoroughly, all surfaces are sterilized. Hydrogen peroxide or some other non-toxic agent should work well.
The steps to follow assume that ALL tools being used are clean and/or sterile.

zulay press juices omegranates in sink

Juice the fruit

There are several ways you could extract the juice, such as:

  1. Use the Juice Press
    • Pros: quick and clear juice
    • Cons: not able to use everything.
  2. Spanks the Aris out.
  3. Juice the loose Arils with an electric juicer.
    • Pros: Gets more of the juice while expelling drained fruit matter that can go into the tea.
    • Cons: Crushed seeds get mixed in and make wine less clear and more opaque.

Make the tea

Steep black tea bags of juicer in a gallon of distilled water. Optionally wrap the pomegranate contents expelled from juicer in some cheesecloth or a fruit bag and steep it in the tea as well to hold onto as much pomegranate taste.

Pasteurize the juice

Get the juice up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. In the Instant Pot 8qt. this equates to “Saute” mode L3 for 20 minutes.

Wait for things to cool

Now wait for tea and juice to cool to the ideal temperature range of the yeast. for the If you’re “lucky” enough to live in a cold climate, you could pots outdoors to cool rapidly. Otherwise, a deep freezer would work too to speed things up.

Pour everything into fermenter & Pitch yeast.

Pitch the yeast into wort that is close to the ideal temperature.

Add Sugar

Add all the sugar at once, and mix with the same clean ladle or implement used in previous steps.

Wait for fermentation to start

Within a few hours you should notice air bubbles escaping from the airlock of the primary fermenter container.

Taste Away!

Using a spigot equipped fermenter such as Speidel B0007VKELC is a great way to allow you to taste the wine as it evolves, without risking contamination.

Within a week or two all fermentation activity should have stopped, and and wine be ready to bottle for secondary fermentation, or just refrigerate and enjoy!

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