Green Spending: Keeping it in the Vegan Community

Goal Starve the meat industry through well-intentioned, deliberate spending on cruelty-free goods and services. Challenge It takes much effort to ensure that money spent by vegans stays within the vegan economy and doesn’t inadvertently flow back into the meat industry.Meat-eating pervades almost every culture, such that it’s nearly impossible to completely sequester money gained through…

Meaty King Oyster Bites

King Oyster Mushrooms make for an addicting finger food or meat substitute that is succulent and gelatinous and can be flexibly flavored. Sourcing East Asian focused grocery stores carry different varieties of these. Just about any variety, including mini King oyster mushrooms, will work fine for this recipe. Prep At minimum, Add salt or a…

Pomegranate Wine

Pomegranate wine with fresh squeezed fruit ferments into a velvety mix that really hugs to the tongue for savoring. Sourcing You could use store bought pomegranate juice( often from concentrate ), but that will be be bland in comparison and less complex in taste. Ingredients and Equipment Clean Everything!! After assembling all equipment and ingredient….

Berry & Cheese Bread

This (experimental) recipe is for berry and cheese lovers. Pair with with your favorite buttery spread and a cup of full-fat oatmilk, for a decadent breakfast.🫐🍞🥛 Instructions