Green Spending: Keeping it in the Vegan Community


Starve the meat industry through well-intentioned, deliberate spending on cruelty-free goods and services.


It takes much effort to ensure that money spent by vegans stays within the vegan economy and doesn’t inadvertently flow back into the meat industry.
Meat-eating pervades almost every culture, such that it’s nearly impossible to completely sequester money gained through exploitation.


Patronize vegan-owned businesses.
Always search for products produced and services provided by vegans, before looking elsewhere.

Here are a few resources to help support your efforts to spend conscientiously.

  1. Search Vegan Business Directories
  2. Join Online Vegan Networking and Job Boards
  3. Shop on Online Vegan Marketplaces
  4. Browse Vegan Crowdfunding Platforms
  5. Check for Vegan Certification Labels
  6. Network through Vegan Events and Expos

By always striving to buy or hire vegan, we can reward individuals and businesses for their ethical choices, while gradually closing the “green” money loop and taking money out of the meat and murder market.

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